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"Exploring the Delights of Argyll Chanterelle Mushrooms " by Maria Soep

24 October 2023

From late summer through to autumn, hidden in the floors of our beautiful local forests (but don’t ask me exactly where, because I’m not telling!), a culinary treasure awaits: the Scottish chanterelle mushroom. Unlike my better-half Roger,...

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"The Importance of the Argyll Beaver Centre in Knapdale, Argyll" by Chris Goldsmith

23 November 2023

“As some of you will know, I am passionate about wildlife conservation and am lucky enough to sit on the Board of the Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation which, amongst other great wildlife projects, runs the Argyll Beaver Centre at...

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“Time-Honoured Traditions of Popular Christmas Foods” by Pip Pedley, Chef at the Kilchrenan Inn

18 December 2023

"As the festive season unfolds, our kitchen comes alive with the warmth of tasty traditions! As a chef at the Kilchrenan Inn, I am always thinking of new dishes to add to our menu that will make...

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"Bloodsuckers"- an excerpt from A White Knuckle Ride Through Life, by local author Dave Rockley

17 January 2024

Coal miner, soldier, TV engineer, sailor, property developer, boatbuilder, scallop diver, yacht charter skipper, village pantomime star – Dave Rockley has led a full life. He has also lived through some hair-raising episodes, from pitfalls...

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"Democratising Car Ownership: The Evolution of Electric Vehicles and an Integrated Energy System" by Andy Mouat

15 February 2024

“Hi, I’m Andy Mouat and I live in Kilchrenan. As some of you will know, I work in the field of electric vehicles and am passionate about the move away from petrol and diesel for both sustainability and air quality reasons. However, I...

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"Winter Reflections" by Clare Bryden

18 March 2024

"Having survived through what seems like an impossibly wet and windy winter, I was delighted to spend the whole of today in the garden, getting it ready for planting and clearing away some of the debris that’s accumulated. Like many folk in...

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"Guardians of Peace: Insights from the Strategic Maritime Mission" by Charlie Taylor

20 April 2024

 “For my entire Naval career, now in its 38th year, I have been part of CASD – continuous at sea deterrent- initially on the Resolution class Polaris armed boats and then the Vanguard class Trident armed submarines, which are to be...

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